Shift in attitude

Friday October 11, 2019

A few fundamental changes need to happen for a new civilization on this planet.

Change from fight to compassion, from competition to cooperation and sharing, from profit and technology first to protecting nature first, from material growth to spiritual growth.

This shift in attitude is only possible in a shift in consciousness starting in individuals.

As long as individuals live ruled by a fear-mind, they are in a state of feeling disconnected from existence.

The feeling of being separate from existence creates fear, need, greed, scarcity, etcetera.
In other words, the egoistic state of mind.

The egoistic state of mind is distrustful, fear-based and subconsciously most of the time in a survival struggle, which creates stress in the whole system.

The survival-stress-chemistry results in an attitude of fighting, competing, wanting more and more.

A change in this vicious circle can only happen through transcending the fear-mind and realizing the oneness of all things.

Only then one can live in trust and relaxed.

Sharing, caring, compassion and a deeply felt oneness with existence, being present in the here and now, is then just a natural happening.

Only an evolution in consciousness can create a new human being and, if this happens in many, it has an influence on the collective level.

Through an evolution in consciousness in a few millions of individuals a different civilization, based on compassion, sharing and caring, can arise.

Pan and Lalla

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