Life is change

Tuesday October 1, 2019

The 11-year solar cycle is changing and the sun has a great influence on all life.

It’s time for change.

If ruled by a fear mind, change is considered as dangerous, because it moves into the not-known, which makes the mind insecure.

The common reaction is ignoring, denying, holding on and clinging to the known.

People who are more centered in spirit live in trust.

When one lives in trust, change is welcomed as a new opportunity, an adventure, an exploring of new not-known possibilities.

Life is change. It always moves from the known to the unknown.

Life is the manifestation of consciousness and consciousness expands in a never-ending evolution.

To welcome change is creative, is embracing the evolution in consciousness.

Whenever there is a wave of global change in the air, it is a great time for transformation and to move into the transcendental.

It’s a great time and opportunity to awaken to the universal spirit.

We all together as inhabitants of this planet can awaken to contribute to an evolution in consciousness.

A consciousness which is rooted in the oneness of all that exists.

A consciousness which is global and universal, where the times of separation are completely outdated.

Pan and Lalla

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