Tuesday October 1, 2019

Whenever a civilization lost its roots in nature, it lost the spirit.

Once a civilization lost the spirit, a spiritual emergency is the result.

An uprootedness is happening, people feel lost and do not know why they are here, for what and what for to live.

In that vacuum all kinds of mad ideas appear, which give no contentment.

Not finding contentment creates a painful inner emptiness.

This emptiness the mind tries to fill with consuming, distractions, fanatic ideas, money, power, fame etcetera.

But none of these give peace and contentment.

So the need and greed for more, bigger and greater grows immensely and created the industrial civilization, based on growth. This growth is finite and it has come to its limit.

This madness sooner or later becomes an ecological emergency.

So here we are, our global civilization is in a spiritual, ecological crisis.

This crisis is a crossroads, we all have the choice to awaken to the one universal spirit or destroy the nature we depend on to live in human form.

To awaken to the universal spirit is to feel and understand deeply that nature and all that exists is the manifestation of the one universal spirit.

To live daily in that realization ends the spiritual and ecological crisis.

A content human being finds creative ways to live a simple life where the basic needs to keep the body healthy and alive are taken care of.

The ecological footprint becomes small again, returning more and more to the natural cycle.

It’s just a question that many individuals come out of the spiritual emergency.

Perhaps the global emergency, the global crises which still increase, is preparing the ground for a new and in the same time ancient understanding.

What is urgently needed in our days is an evolution in consciousness and it is also happening.

But it is by its nature a silent revolution in individuals.

Collectively the intuitive vibration of ‘we need to change’ is a good sign that the old ways of a very egoistic civilization are fading out.

The recent global civilization is at a crossroads: collapse or a fundamental change.

Looks like both happens simultaneously.

The signs for this are there.

Now it depends on each individual’s contribution.

Pan and Lalla

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