Change your inner climate

Tuesday October 1, 2019

The facts that there is a change happening in the global climate are more and more difficult to ignore.

Natural or man-made, it causes on an overpopulated planet severe problems for which no country is prepared.

The problems are existential for huge numbers of people and the poor part of the world is hit first. The rich part of the world gets also affected and hit sooner or later. The world is one.

To make this complex happening as easy as possible to understand, the phrase of Greta Thunberg “our house is on fire” is at many places on the earth actual.

One can put it also like Harrison Ford, pointing at the burning Amazons: “when a room in your house is on fire, the house is on fire”.

The public discussion that is recently happening is getting quite grotesque.

So here we are, there is a fire in our house and we discuss who has started it.

Is it a natural happening or was it through human activity, or is it just a few flames, actually no problem at all?

Some of our ‘intelligent species’ look in another direction and announce there is no fire, it’s all normal.

Wow, we humans are a great species.

When we are through with our discussion and maybe come to a consensus, maybe we start on a global scale to do something about the ‘burning’ problems. In other words, we risk to be too late.

So what to do, beloved reader?

Start now to change your consuming habits.

Question for yourself what do you really need?

The permanent discontentment, which goes along with an unnatural way of living, has created the bottomless need to consume.

Start to investigate into your inner climate.

Start to change your inner climate.

Discover your inner nature, discover what is natural for a human being.

To change something in the outer has to start from within.

There is no time to waste when the house is on fire.

Start to change now, start with yourself.

Pan and Lalla

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