Nature does not need us

Sunday September 29, 2019

Besides the fact of a change in the climate, a few facts to the recent discussion about whether it is man-made, natural or not existing at all.
At the point where our civilization has arrived this discussion is completely irrelevant.
Because factually our civilization has been destroying nature on such a massive scale that this on its own is already an increasingly urgent and ongoing crisis.
Complete eco-systems are collapsing and enormous amounts of species become extinct every year. Micro-plastic is everywhere, including in human bodies. No real solutions for toxic, chemical and atomic waste. Massive destruction of forests and fertile soil for profit and comfortable consuming of a minority of the people on this planet.  Exploiting the resources of the planet in non-sustainable ways, poisoning the food chain with pesticides and artificial fertilizers, water and air pollution, and so on, the list is endless.

Our civilization, especially in the rich world and all the huge cities of this planet, has moved so far away from anything natural, which means sustainable, that it is heading towards a collapse.
For human beings to exist, it needs a healthy nature. To throw it out of balance, is to throw every living organism out of balance. We are in the middle of this crisis and we know it. But who is ready to change something, starting now?

Please friends, remember, we humans need nature! Nature does not need us! (quote from Harrison Ford)
It’s high time to wake up and change our ways of living on this planet.
Change starts inside of you through expanding in awareness, in sensitivity to be aware of the bigger picture. We need to expand our awareness to a global consciousness.

Pan and Lalla

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