First blogpost of Azeem

Editor’s note:
From now on this blog will publish the spontaneous writings of Azeem.
In this first post Azeem describes how that came into being:

********************************************************************************“Tell me who you are” had been one of the exercises we had done the day before, during the Summer Retreat, as it came to its end.
An interesting, challenging experience! Often frustrating, for some irritating…..Pan shared in the final Meeting with Friends that he had done that exercise for 3 whole days, long ago in Pune, until all answers had been exhausted…

As he finished answering all the questions and that final Meeting with him was coming to the end, I, unable to suppress being curious, playful, called out: “Pan!”
Pan looks at me.
“Tell me who you are!”, I say.
There is laughter all around.
Pan answered, more the questioner rather than the question:
I ask you…” Pan laughs. “I do not know, Azeem…. I’m just a crazy appearance. (Laughter)
But I enjoy it. I have no idea anymore…. Hmmm?

I’m just a visitor, like we all are. What brought me here will also take me back, this I trust…..
And what brought me here will take care of the affairs here, this I trust. And when my time’s up it will take me back.
And while I’m here it will take care that the things go well. And it goes well.
So, what can I say? I trust that which is not expressible. It has no words. Further than this words cannot go.”

You write this on the blog. And we will spread that….”
(“Did you read Azeem’s blog?” “Not yet?” “Read!” Pan laughs)

It’s a contribution…
You are good at that. Small, little articles, spontaneously coming. I did it also for some time, I enjoyed it immensely.
But then it suddenly stopped. I would sit down, and take the pen and… na ya.. stopped.

Now I know why. Because you should take over. (Laughter)
Existence hands the pen on to you. I cannot do it anymore. It was really running beautifully for some time,
and then it simply finished. Now I know why. It’s your turn. (Pan laughs)
When you said it the other day (about writing a blog; actually I had meant my own blog, on my personal website),
I said, yes, now I know why I cannot write any more. Hmmmm? Ya?
So we share the play, you see. Now it’s your service to existence. You write the blog……

……..It was a fantastic 3 weeks…..

Well, I had wanted to be naughty, ego wanted a bit of fun, there was laughter, and I got what I needed. A task to do!
Never make assumptions about these enlightened guys. They’ll make as if they are answering your question, and then,
Bhoom, a zen hit; or in this case, a zen nudge, “Go on, you lazy bum, get off of your arse, and start serving…..!

I’ll think twice before I open my big mouth in future!

Love from Amrit Azeem

2 thoughts on “First blogpost of Azeem

  1. Theresa

    Hi Azeem
    Just found your First Blog .. lovely to hear so happy and confident on your way .. seems though the Blog having a quite wide Orbit.. therefore it looks like it might take time for the second blog-post to reach earth 😉
    Looking forward to having more signs of life.
    Dear cheers from Theresa, who knows you from that life with Lausanne’s miraculous takeout.


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