Another little reminder

Tuesday February 13, 2018

Another little reminder, good to remember.

After reflecting on the master-guru play, it appeared that the other part in the play, the disciple, is also quite unknown to the western, modern mind.

When one says disciple, the common misunderstanding is lower, minor. The mind thinks in hierarchies, in positions.

So hardly anybody knows what a disciple is, unless one has really been one.

Disciple means the readiness to learn, one is ready to learn.

The master-disciple relation is a spiritual love affair, the deepest relation possible, a communion of beings. The disciple dissolves into the master, the guru, who just represents the universal soul, the beyond, in human form.

To be a true disciple is a great ripening, it is to die to one’s conceptual mind.

One dies into the master, the guru, in deep trust and the resurrection happens silently, on its own.

One is twice born.

The soul is born, the beingness, the no-mind silently arises.


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